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BovedaInc Boveda Herb / Medical / Cigar Size 8 62%rh Humidity Control Packets (Multiple Sizes/Types)

"Sold in packages of 10, Boveda Size 8 protects your flower with the original terpene shield. Boveda is precise humidity control for cannabis, which restores and maintains humidity to create a protective monolayer of water molecules over trichomes, so you can Save the Terps. Choose Size 8 Boveda for small jars and small bags. Experience for yourself how much better cannabis is with Boveda." -BovidaInc

Product Review; "The product formerly know as humidipak, is the same handy humidity control packets, now in more sizes and optimum moisture formulas. They can be used for essentially anything which needs to be kept dry, including cigars, medical applicators, or in my case, jars of homegrown 'herbs'. They work really well, well the one note that they will sort-of decompose after a log while (by which point its probably time to replace). Somewhat cheap and 100% made in USA, I highly suggest them for use in small to medium size containers." -MadeInUSAReview


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