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Bugler Blended Cigarette Tobacco

"The blend that started it all in 1932 remains America's best selling roll-your-own brand. A perfect balance of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, its rich taste delivers an uncompromised smoking experience that truly satisfies." -BuglerCigarette

Product Review; "I tend to alternate between a few Roll-Your-Own brands of tobacco, but I find Bugler to have the most consistently mellow, well-dried and finely cut tobacco (perfect for even a very thin cigarette). The papers are unfortunately not made in the United States - so I try to get the (larger) bags of just USA tobacco when I can, and get domestic made rolling papers elsewhere. All in all I obviously cannot recommend you start smoking, but if you're currently a smoker of imported tobacco and living in the states, I would happily point you in this direction. -And if you don't yet know how to roll, it can be fun (and not too difficult at all) to follow along a with a video and learn in a matter of minutes!"



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