CampbellsvilleApparelCompany %100 Cotton Briefs (6pack)

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

"Men's 100% Cotton Briefs 6pk Made in the USA by CAC. May take up to a week to ship. Very soft and comfortable! 100% Cotton brief is standard issue for military use. Fit, comfort, and durability proven through millions of man-hours of patrol and combat wear. Same fabric and specifications as issued to U.S. military personnel. Worn under combat and dress uniforms. Soft 100% combed cotton. American made in Kentucky, USA. Conforms to U.S. military specifications. 100% Cotton BRIEFS. Made in the USA by CAC"


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Product Review; "One of the realizations I had when I decided to go "Always & Only Made In USA" was that I'd have to replace essentially every piece of underwear I owned.. I got started with the briefs, and these were a cheap and reliable domestic option I came across. The material does fray after many months of wear, but trimming any frays and washing with whites will keep these looking great for a long time (especially considering the price) ! I'll be reviewing other makes of underwear soon including boxers which I highly recommend - so these are an economical option, but for a more comfortable and breezy option stay tuned."


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