CarFreshnerCorporation Little Trees Hanging Air Freshener (Multiple Sizes / Varieties)

"Freshen your life with the world-famous LITTLE TREES air fresheners. Like all our fragrances, it’s high quality, strong, and long-lasting. At home or on the road, let LITTLE TREES freshen your life. Available in 40 fragrances." -LittleTrees

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Product Review; "An American favorite, Little Trees are tiny colorful hanging tree decorations for your car or home, that pack a surprisingly strong scent. They come in more than 40 unique scents - I've tried only a handful but the Lavender and Black Ice are some of the best sellers. I keep each Little Tree hanging up (after the scent has pretty much died off) and I'm quickly amassing a collection - Try them all!" -MadeInUSAReview



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