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BigelowTea CharlestonTeaPlantation Flavored Cinnamon Spice Pyramid Tea Bags (12pack 1.05oz)

"Over 100 years ago, tea planters brought their finest ancestral tea bushes from China and India to Wadmalaw Island near the historic old city of Charleston, South Carolina. Now the direct descendants of these very plants have been lovingly restored to their former grandeur here at the Charleston Tea Garden, a lush subtropical tea farm. It is in this context of great natural beauty and colonial pride that we bring you Charleston Tea Garden's teas, made from tea grown exclusively at America's own tea garden. Our pyramid tea bags are different from other tea bags. The unique shape allows us to accommodate a larger leaf, giving your cup of tea a richer smoother taste and are 100% biodegradable. Each box contains 12 individually wrapped pyramid shaped tea bags."


Official Website (CharlestonTeaGarden);

Product Review; "Delicious anytime of the year (but especially during the rainy / cold / windy months), Charleston Cinnamon Spice is a relaxing and aromatic flavored Tea - with honey and a bit of cream it's the perfect counter to a dark and dreary day. Grown in Americas 'premiere' Tea Garden in South Carolina, it may be a bit more expensive than most other 'off the shelf' Pyramid Teabag options (but also makes for a great gift for your favorite patriot) ! Im enjoying trying more of the varieties the Plantation has grown, and this has to be my new Autumn-Season favorite."



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