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ChelseaMillingCompany Jiffy Banana Muffin Mix (7oz box)

"Jiffy Banana Muffin Mix is made with real banana and bakes into a tasty, golden muffin. This mix is easy to prepare and makes great pancakes & waffles. Get your family together and create after-school snacks, aromatic breakfast sides, one of our many delicious Jiffy recipes, or your own signature treat." -JiffyMix

Product Review; "Surprise someone you love with some fresh baked Jiffy Banana Muffins - light fluffy and moist - they go great with morning tea or coffee, or add some fruit and make delicious springtime pancakes! The smell of bananas is really nice as you stir the batter, and by the time they're done, your kitchen will smell of delicious banana bread - I always keep a few boxes around in case friends stop by, in about 30mins I can treat them to an American classic of hospitality! -MadeInUSAReview


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