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CrystalFarmsDairyCo Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar Cheese (Multiple Sizes / Varieties)

"Aged a minimum of 60 days, and is great for recipes that call for Cheddar as the main ingredient." -CrystalFarmsCheese

Product Review; "Companies like kraft, monsanto, con-agra and others have used diabolical tactics to monopolize the western economy - They use propaganda, threaten lives for speaking out (and kill in many cases) - YOU support these companies every time you buy their products. STOP, do a bit of research, and buy from companies that actually represent and honor your country / people / way of live. Crystal Farms Dairy is growing steadily, as more people start making conscious decisions in the grocery store. Their cheeses are delicious, use healthy ingredients, and are crafted with honest practices - no more (((conglomerations))) - and do your part to educate if you see someone buying a product from an international / globalist corporation." -MadeInUSAReview


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