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DorchesterBrewingCo Clapps Cream Ale & V1 Double IPA (1pint Beer Can)

"Do you love Boston Breweries? Are you a local or regional craft brewer? How about someone who simply loves craft beer? Dorchester Brewing Co., located in the heart of Boston, offers the beer community a new, better way to make and experience great craft beer." -DorchesterBrewing

Product Review; "These are not available everywhere, only found at select distrubutors around New England (I couldn't find anywhere to buy online) but Dorchester Brewing Company has made something truly refreshing and hearty, quickly risen to the top of my favorite local brews. It's not cheap (about $15.00 at my local liquor store), but wow the taste pairs so well with a nice dinner - my personal recommendation is the Double IPA with a braised steak and potatoes. I am yet to check out the brewery, but I'll update you all with any new recipies they've got in the works. If you ever see these in the wild, I highly suggest you try one for yourself." -MadeInUSAReview


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