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DoumakInc Campfire Giant Roasters Premium Quality Marshmallows (Multiple Sizes)

"Have you seen these giant marshmallows? They’re enormous – both in size and in flavor! Break these out during your camping trip or backyard adventures and it will bring huge smiles (not to mention sticky cheeks) to the kids’ faces." -CampfireMarshmallows

Official Website (Doumak);

Official Website (CampfireMarshmallows);

Product Review; "Soft, fluffy and have a really great taste (I experienced some marshmallow brands having a somewhat unpleasant taste, but not these)! Nothing compliments a wilderness or backyard fire pit like roasting marshmallows (and s'mores if you're lucky) - and these are extra large and extra easy to smush onto a stick and toast nicely. They have a long shelf life and are a relatively healthy treat!" -MadeInUSAReview


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