Elegant Lunch / Dinner Bulk White Napkins

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Online Info (Lunch Napkins); http://www.glwholesale.com/product/wholesale-zelegant-lunch-napkins-1-ply/1802618150

Online Info; (Dinner Napkins); http://www.glwholesale.com/product/wholesale-elegant-dinner-napkins-2-ply-15-x17/1802630100

Product Review; "You can probably find Elegant brand Napkins for sale at your local Dollar-Store or Walmart shopping center, online they can be somewhat hard to find unless you're buying by-the-pallet. The napkins are super cheap (usually a pack (300count) for a dollar or less) and are of moderate quality. Sometimes too thin to completely soak up a spill, but doubling-up is no problem when they're so inexpensive. Great for catering, outdoor barbecues (though they may blow away in the wind) or anywhere where you need a cheap, disposable wiping paper." -MadeInUSAReview

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