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FerncoInc Shielded No-Hub / ProFlex / Corrugated Specialty Pipe Couplings (Multiple Sizes)

"Fernco shielded couplings provide maximum transfer of pressure from the clamps -to the gasket - to the pipe.

Shielded couplings also add extra strength and rigidity and help maintain proper alignment." -Fernco

Product Review; "You usually don't want to skimp on quality of materials when fixing up a plumbing job (especially in your own home) - A failure could result in considerably more work and costs for yourself.. It's also always worth it to buy domestic, for if our local plumbing manufacturers go under, we are suddenly in a tougher position when just trying to set up necessities like running water or air conditioning. Fernco is a trusted name and has been depended on by industry professionals for generations!"



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