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GardenInnovationsLLC Tomato Rocket Premium-Grade Pre-Seeded Planter Rolls

"Grow 100’s Of Organic Tomatoes - Each Rocket can grow up to 25 lbs. of tomatoes! Grow virtually anywhere, anytime. Hand selected premium grade seeds, perfect for indoors or outdoors - The new way to grow tomatoes! Create your own tomato factory! The Secret… Patent pending proprietary growing technology commonly used in commercial growing hot- houses. Grows multiple plants with minimal space." -RolloutGarden

Official Website (RolloutGarden);

Product Review; "I've heard people having mixed results from these 'seed balls', but in my case I gave it a little extra attention (sprinkled a bit of top-soil, and made sure to keep moistened) and it grew up to be a relatively strong Tomato plant! Perfect for newbie gardeners, or just some bonus fruit in a spare flowerpot - Tomato Rockets are an easy and affordable gardening convenience (especially if they can be found discounted / at a dollar store!)"



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