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PlantationProductsLLC American Seed Finest Quality Packets (Multiple Varieties / Sizes)

"Since 1897, gardeners have trusted American Seed to provide the best value in the marketplace. American Seed offers high quality products with a goal of remaining affordable for consumers. We take pride in helping families across the country enjoy gardening and the fresh foods and flowers the garden produces."

-Plantation Products

Official Website (PlantationProducts);

Product Review; "I've tried a number of plant varieties from American Seed (PlantationProducts) and never had any trouble getting sprouts and healthy growing plants to grow! Whether you are making your front-yard a lovely hummingbird / bee oasis or growing your favorite cooking herbs window-side, American Seed has you covered. Packets can be found for cheaper than the competition and still have high quantity & quality seeds inside. If you have windows or even a small alleyway backyard - there are plants that can grow there!" -MadeInUSAReview


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