Gitman Bros New / Vintage Collared Dress Shirt (Multiple Colors/Sizes/Styles)

Updated: Jan 5

"At Gitman, craftsmanship and technology - a perfect mix of the old and the new - go into each and every shirt we sew. More than 80 minutes and 50 steps go into the creation of a shirt, which is made of 25 separate pieces." -Gitman

Official Website / Store; Online Store (EBay);

Product Review; "Really high quality shirts that usually cost too much for me - but recently I saw an old Gitman Bros shirt on EBay in like-new condition for considerably less money. Since 1975 Gitman has been making professional business attire - while much has changed, their standard of quality always remains true. If you can afford it buy new, but for the rest of us pre-owned or now-old-stock is the way to get great Made In USA clothing!"


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