Glidden Essentials Semi-Gloss White Interior Paint (Multiple Sizes)

" Glidden® Essentials™ interior paint is a budget-friendly solution for repainting primed or painted walls a similar color, painting between tenants, or for quickly and simply refreshing a room. Glidden Essentials interior paint matches outstanding value with ease of application – a smart combination for any painter. With Low VOCs and Low Odor, this product is a great solution for anyone looking for the perfect paint when a paint + primer isn't needed." -Glidden

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Product Review; "I recently took a trip to my nearest Home Depot and picked up the first cheap white Made In USA Interior Paint I saw, and thankfully Glidden Essentials is an inexpensive bright white color with great coverage. Look out for Glidden products then next time you have a painting project, it really is an outstanding quality housepaint for the price." -MadeInUSAReview



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