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Goetze'sCandyCoInc Caramel / Vanilla Cow Tales Chewy Candy (Multiple Sizes)

"Made of a delicious, chewy caramel filled with cream, Goetze's Caramel Cow Tales® are the dessert jerky of snacks. ​They are available in original size and Minis. Visit our "where to find" page to find Caramel Cow Tales® in a store near you. To order online, fresh from the factory visit Goetze's Candy Co's online store."


Official Website (GoetzeCandy);

Product Review; "Goetze is known for their delicious Caramel Creams, and Cow Tales are like the thinner stretched out version! Coming in a few flavors, the Original Caramel / Vanilla is definitely my favorite - especially tasty if stirred into some Hot Apple Cider. Cow Tales are fun to eat and more portable than the normal Goetze Caramel Cream, a classic treat every American should be familiar with." -MadeInUSAReview


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