Golden Blossom Grade A Honey (16oz)

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

"Golden Blossom Honey Golden Blossom Honey is a unique blend of 3 different honeys, sourced 100% from the U.S.A. Each of our products is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, and a limited amount of our 24oz and 40oz sizes are packed Kosher for Passover." -GoldenBlossomHoney

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Product Review; "I jump around to a few brands of honey - we have a number of options (climates) of domestically produced honeys - but I especially love Golden Blossom Honey because it's amazing quality, 100% US harvested and packaged, Pure honey. It lasts (literally) forever if sealed, so I always keep a few bottles around, and I'm exited to try their different varieties including an Organic version!" -MadeInUSAReview

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