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KernRidgeGrowersLLC Slim Cut / Organic / Conventional California Grown Carrots (Multiple Varieties)

"Kern Ridge’s Whole Peeled Carrots are gown from proprietary seed varieties proven to provide consistently great tasting carrots.   Our carrots are then raised in the ideal growing conditions provided by California and  harvested while still young to ensure the best flavor and texture profiles.  We harvest  fresh daily fifty two weeks per year to ensure that our products reach you at the peak of freshness." -KernRidge

Official Website (KernRidge);

Product Review; "Supporting growers and farmers directly is always preferrable, though not always easy, if you keep a keen eye out you can find a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy or meats that are a "product of USA". I'm a big fan of roasted carrots or just munching on them cold with some french onion dip, and I frequently come across 'jolly-green giant' Carrots, but I'd prefer not to buy from that company if possible, and much prefer KernRidgeGrowers (or other companies which are owned by their farmers directly). Often it means getting a higher quality food with more nutrition and less harmful industrial / biological practices."



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