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Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Snack Bars (1.4oz bars 12count)

"Sweet cravings, salty cravings, healthy cravings. Our best-selling bar is a simple flavor combination of Brazilian sea salt sprinkled over whole nuts and dark chocolate. With 5g of sugar, it's a satisfying, nutty snack that only seems indulgent." -KindSnacks

Product Review; "Super rich, filling and nutritious, these little bars are so dense they can be thrown in a pocket or bag, and give you a boost of energy to get you to your next meal. Low sugar, high protein, the Dark Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt variety is really tasty, crunchy but moist and chewy - pleasant to eat unlike many other protein bars. You can find these at most grocery stores so they're a healthy, easy to find and affordable snack to add to your work day (or just lounging at the house)." -MadeInUSAReview


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