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KLNFamilyBrands KennysCandy&Confections Wiley Wallaby Original Red Strawberry Flavored Licorice

"Thick, delicious chunks of gourmet Licorice made in the traditional ways like in the land down under. Wiley Wallaby Licorice is soft, chewy and full of flavor. Simply put, it’s the ultimate gourmet Licorice experience!" -KLNStore

Official Website (WileyWallaby);

Product Review; "Delicious Naturally Flavored Red Licorice - If you're not sure a fan of the normal Anise flavor, these have the same great thick and chewy texture, with a nice fruity Strawberry taste! I found a bag at a grocery store - but I will be buying more online - so I can try all the flavors KLN Family Brands has."



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