LandOLakes Salted Butter (1pound 4sticks)

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

"Salted butter adds a layer of flavor when melted over fresh steamed veggies, gives pie crusts the perfect flakiness, and complements every grilled cheese with a golden, crispy edge. It’s the very first sweet cream butter. Melted, browned, creamed or clarified, Land O Lakes® Salted Butter is the all-purpose butter that improves the taste of everything it touches. It’s the original that never lets you, or your taste buds, down. Plus, every stick comes with our FlavorProtect® Wrapper to protect the pure dairy flavor you love." -LandOLakes

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Product Review; "I believe it's important that each citizen use their freedom of choice and support companies that manufacture domestically the necessities of civilization - Things like clothes, construction equipment or cooking ingredients. For economic and social stability. Because a home-made pie is made from ingredients from our home country, if you can't grow Bananas in Seattle, banana bread won't be on the menu. Land O Lakes is a time old American company with honest practices and humane treatment of animals. Healthy, happy cows produce better butter - this Salted butter is great for cooking in so many recipes - you can keep a few boxes in the freezer and they last for years." -MadeInUSAReview



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