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Libman Precision Angle Broom (Indoor/Outdoor)

"Make clean-up a snap with the Precision Angle Broom. Featuring bristles precisely cut to reach under cabinets and tight corners, dust, dirt, and hair doesn’t stand a chance. Those are no ordinary fibers, as they are environmentally friendly fibers made from recycled PET bottles. The guaranteed quality construction of the Precision Angle Broom makes it the ideal cleaning tool for sweeping up inside or out.

Key Features: Family Made in the USA. Angled bristles for better reach. Environmentally friendly fibers made from recycled materials. Extra strong steel handle. Hanger hole incorporated into the handle for easy storage. 53” overall length. 1-year warranty"


Product Review; "I have been using exclusively Libman cleaning products - I have US manufacturing companies for other stuff like vacuums, cleaning liquids and clothes detergents, but as for mops, brooms, and other general household utilities I always go to Libman. Their products are long-lasting, easy to clean (or repair if past the 1 year warranty) and environmentally friendly. I highly recommend you stop buying the (morally questionably) cheap imports, and support a good company while they're still around."



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