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LifeLabHealthLLC NuSyllium Unflavored 100% Organic Psyllium Natural Fiber Powder (21oz Bottle)

"NuSyllium is the only fiber product (sold on shelf in the U.S.) made with 100% USDA certified organic psyllium fiber and all natural flavoring (orange). This product is GMO-free, gluten free and free from artificial flavoring and food dyes. NuSyllium orange flavor is clinically proven to promote digestive health, lower cholesterol levels and help with weight management."


Official Website (LifeLabHealth);

Official Website (NuSyllium);

Product Review; "Keeping a moderate amount of Fiber in your diet is a surefire way to maintain a healthy cholesterol, blood sugar levels and have clean, easy poops! For many of us though, finding a tasty way to get a few grams of daily Fiber doesn't come naturally, but mixing maybe half a spoonful of NuSyllium into your morning juice or tea is so easy! The unflavored version is virtually tasteless, only a mild earthy taste which disappears in your favorite flavored drink. Everyone should have some supplemental nutrition (if they need it) and LifeLab Health is a truly great product."



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