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LucerneFoodsInc Pantry Essentials Traditional Style Sun-Ripened Tomato Pizza Sauce (14oz Jar)

"Lucerne Foods sauces are delicious and convenient with several traditional and organic varieties to choose from! Our sauces can be used with pastas or as an ingredient for your favorite prepared dish. You will find chunks of fresh vegetables and spices in every delectable bite! You can’t go wrong preparing a dish using Lucerne Foods sauces!" -LucerneFoods

Official Website (LucerneFoods);

Product Review; "When I first saw this Pizza Sauce at a dollar store I noticed it was made/distributed by a small unfamiliar company so it would probably be okay for a buy. Upon a bit of research I find Lucerne Foods to be a fine US manufacturer of many grocery items, and I was surprised to discover this Sauce is really tasty! With tons of ingredients sourced from real foods like parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil and garlic - It's such a blessing to find quality Sauces like this, made in USA, and for only one dollar!"



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