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Martin's Potato Rolls Sandwich Bread

"The #1 Branded Hamburger Roll in the United States! This roll has helped many chefs and restaurants win top honors in burger contests! And yet, as perfect as this roll is for burgers, it’s also great for sloppy joes, pulled pork, veggie burgers, and even PB&J! One of our customers said it best: “Martin’s Potato Rolls are like a hug for your sandwich!" -PotatoRolls

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Product Review; "Martin's brand Potato Bread has been one of my favorite sandwich, hot-dog, burger or hoagie bread since I was a kid, so I may be a bit biased, but every time I smell a fresh loaf it takes me back to childhood PB&Js for school lunch. The bread combines well with a lot of ingredients, toasts/fries well, and is pretty dense and filling - cost per calorie (nutritionally) it's a great money saver. The timeless taste and healthy manufacturing make Martin's my go-to for a grocery store bun." -MadeInUSAReview


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