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Martins Potato Sandwich Bread Loaf (18oz)

"Like a Slice from a Cloud. No matter how you slice it, Martin’s Potato Bread is delicious! Use it for traditional sandwiches or make it into French toast or bread pudding. The soft, pillowy texture and light buttery taste will have you echoing our customers who say that our bread is “like a slice from a cloud." -PotatoRolls

Product Review; "Thick and fluffy slices of just slightly sweet and buttery bread - really makes a ham or turkey sandwich just that much more authentic. Filling in a good way - really makes you feel satifsied, and allows for more filling ingredients and a big and hearty sandwich. Toasts up really well, stays soft with a crispy exterior - I love making french toast or stuffing with this bread as it really soaks up a lot of flavor but never becomes a mush."



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