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MartinsFamousPastryShoppeInc Enriched Hoagie Rolls (20oz bag)

"No matter where you’re from or what term you use for a big and long sandwich on a traditional white roll.. If you want the best-tasting sandwich, you gotta start with Martin’s Hoagie Rolls! Our hoagie roll is a white roll with a soft yet stable structure that holds up to even the heaviest pile of stuffings (veggies, meat, condiments, etc.). Try it with Cold Cuts.. Or Cheesesteaks.. Or make Pizza Boats or Meatball Subs.. Use a Martin’s Hoagie Roll and it’ll be a pleasurable eating experience!" -PotatoRolls

Product Review; "Memories of the amazing Pennsylvania Hoagie abound when I pick up a bag of these Martin's Rolls. They pair great with many deli-style sandwiches from grinders to melts. Making a quick sandwich at home is that much better sounding when you can pile your ingredients atop a loaf of Martins light and fluffy (yet dense) buttery and warming Hoagie Rolls."



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