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PiedmontCandyCo Red Bird Cherry Flavored Soft Candy Puffs (Multiple Sizes)

"Red Bird Candy Puffs are our traditional soft puffed candy treats. While we are most well known for our Soft Peppermint Candy Puffs we make a variety of great tasting flavors. All of our Candy Puffs are made from 100% pure cane sugar, never corn syrup."


Official Website (PiedmontCandy);

Product Review; "A new flavor from Piedmont Candy, this is a fragrant and strong cherry. I do wish they changed the color for each flavor (as these candies look identical to their peppermint variety), and the use of artificial flavors is something I wish they'd change. Still, they taste great, are really cheap (can be found at dollar stores) and come from a nice small company!"



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