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PiedmontCandyCoInc Red Bird Peppermint Candy Puffs Mints (Multiple Sizes)

"Red Bird Candy Puffs are our traditional soft puffed candy treats. While we are most well known for our Soft Peppermint Candy Puffs we make a variety of great tasting flavors. All of our Candy Puffs are made from 100% pure cane sugar, never corn syrup."


Official Website (PiedmontCandy);

Product Review; "Always a popular winter or after dinner mint, Redbird Candies' recipe is delightfully light and airy, melts in your mouth and uses only all natural peppermint flavor (if only they did the same for their coloring agents). For over 100 years guests and visitors have been enjoying these little Christmas mints - They also make a great stocking stuffer!" -MadeInUSAReview


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