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Posters USA / CGCPosters Original Doom Game Print (Multiple Images / Sizes)

"Be aware of COUNTERFEIT SELLERS with inferior products (generally from China, now they are also creating fake seller accounts from United States and Canada). Please check Seller Feedback, Country of Origin and Delivery Fulfillment Date prior to ordering! Printed on THICK GLOSSY PHOTO PAPER offered EXCLUSIVELY by US SELLER Poster Today USA! Watermark “Chrono's Gaming Collectibles” will NOT be printed on actual poster. Made in the USA. Shipped from domestic USA in a heavy duty protective tube or box. Our products will never be shipped from outside of United States. FREE delivery within US. Receive it in 3 business days." -CGCPosters

Product Review; "This is a quality printed poster on nice glossy card-stock paper - If you're into video games (from any generation) and want to decorate your house with some favorites, the sellers PostersUSA and CGCHugePoster on Amazon have some of the best domestic offerings you can find. Unfortunately no marking or information on the reverse of poster so there's no way to say easily where it was specifically made - so I like to put a little "Made In USA" sticker on stuff like this, and keep all the info I can with it - to maintain potential demand / resell value in the future."



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