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SCBeezyBeesInc Pure Raw Honey (Multiple Sizes)

"Sherman & Cherie’s Beezy Bees are located in Western Massachusetts.  They produce great quality honey that comes to you raw, pure, and gently strained straight from the hive, the way nature intended." -SCBeezyBees

Official Website / Store (SCBeezyBees);

Product Review; "Found this while browsing a Boston Farmer's Market - This honey is from a company about as small as they come. Local to Massachusetts, the honey is made from a few Bee-Houses in the farmer's backyard. Delicious, pure and well collected, I love buying from nearby growers / farmers whenever I can - Both for the astoundingly great products they often sell, and to support directly a local small-business owner - especially for something as important as sustaining a local wild & domesticated Honey Bee population." -MadeInUSAReview


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