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Sugardale Chicken & Pork Hot Dogs (1lb pack)

"Proudly made in the USA since 1920, Sugardale hot dogs have been delivering great taste and good times for generations. From our uncured 100% Beef, Pork & Beef, Turkey, and Pork & Chicken varieties to our original lineup, Sugardale hot dogs offer all the flavorful fun in a bun you've come to expect. Do you love hot dogs? We're here to celebrate with everyone else who shares this love. That‘s why we’re collecting and sharing #HotDogConfessions from real people everywhere." -Sugardale

Product Review; "I found these being sold (slightly different packaging than above) at my local bodega / corner store and they were pretty much the only product available which clearly stated they were Made In USA. Super cheap - I was able to get a few packs for about $5, but they were surprisingly good quality and very tasty. For those willing to eat a cheap Hot Dog (ingredients above), Sugardale is a well know old school company and you won't be disappointed." -MadeInUSAReview


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