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Tamrac Mesh Lined Full Zip Photographers Vest

Product Review; "I use EBay for the majority of my clothes purchases.. I used to check places like Goodwill or Salvation Army but now that I've chosen to buy %100 Made (or assembled) In USA products, it's just easier to find exactly what I need online. I shop around Etsy as well, but if anyone knows any other websites to find personal sellers (like EBay) please let me know ! I bought this vest because I needed more pockets for tools / dongles / converters for work, and walking around a convention floor with a toolbelt doesn't look nearly suit-and-tie appropriate. I love this Tamrac product - Great material quality and attention to detail - Found it for very cheap - much less than original price, it was barely (if-at-all) used, and I kept currency with the country and probably in the hands of someone who'll buy domestic with that money !"



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