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TasteeAppleInc Candy / Jelly / Chocolate / Caramel And Peanuts Covered Apples (9oz , 3 apple pack)

"Tastee Caramel Apples are available year round now when you order from our website, keeping in mind all the great reasons you will want to have plenty of these wholesome 3 oz. favorites on hand! Stock them in your refrigerator for after-school snacks. Send one with your child on his or her first day of school.  Give one to the soccer coach or dance teacher. Have a supply ready for football games, hayrides, Halloween parties, and Sunday dinners. But don’t forget to reserve some Tastee moments just for you, relaxing with your favorite Caramel Apple and beverage while reading a book or watching TV. Choose from Caramel (with peanuts), Candy (red caramel &  peanuts), Turtle (with peanuts and mini chocolate morsels) and Jelly (with red caramel & coconut), Brand NEW Cinnamon Apple Pie, (brown caramel with cinnamon crisp), and Wild Fall (brown caramel with a Fall colored sprinkle).  Candy and Jelly apples are only available during peak season (Aug-Oct)."


Product Review; "Perfect for the Fall season - I remember enjoying a caramel apple while walking around a harvest festival as a kid, the sweet, nutty and fruity flavors go together amazingly (if you've never had one). Tastee Apples can be found at grocery stores during certain times of the year if you're lucky - They can be hard to find depending which state you're in. Products with produce (or perishable) are less often imported, so check the label, and you may discover local farm products in your grocery store."



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