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TootsieRollIInc CharmsLLC Sugar Babies Chewy Candy Coated Milk Caramels (Multiple Sizes)

"Enjoy bite-sized, milk caramel goodness with Sugar Babies, America's favorite chewy caramel treat. The slow-cooked, candy-coated milk caramels are both movie theater and at-home favorites, sold in a variety of box and pouch sizes, ensuring the right amount of share-friendly candy for any occasion." -Tootsie

Official Website (Tootsie);

Product Review; "An old school American candy, Sugar Babies (and their larger Sugar Daddies variety) we're first made and owned by Charms LLC before being bought and rolled into Tootsie Roll Inc, though they are still (and hopefully always be) made in USA in Chicago. Super chewy little caramel morsels - I especially love them when mixed into some nut & raisin trail mix. Great for movie night or just hanging out / getting work done around the house - treat yourself!" -MadeInUSAReview


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