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UtzQualityFoodsInc / Bachman Party Mix

"Shipped fresh directly from the manufacturer. A popular blend of White Corn Tortilla Chips, BBQ Corn Chips. Crunchy Cheese Curls, Creamy Nacho Tortilla Chips and Pretzel Wheels. Trans Fat Free. Cholesterol Free. Certified Kosher OUD." -UtzSnacks

Product Review; "Sometimes when you're out in the city - drinking (or smoking) with friends you might get get the craving for something cheap, salty, crunchy - the snack of all snacks has always been Party Mix and Utz (which also owns Bachman and their identical product) has a serious contender - in my opinion (though I'm biased) it's better than any cheese-it or chex version. Costs less than $2 - tell me what you think!" -MadeInUSAReview


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