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UtzQualityFoodsLLC Original Ripples Potato Chips (Multiple Sizes)

"Shipped fresh directly from the manufacturer. Fresh whole potatoes ripple cut then cooked in 100% cottonseed oil. Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, No Cholesterol, No Hydrogenated Fats. Certified Kosher OU. Snax Box - Your BEST VALUE per oz. compared to bags.This contains a clear poly bag, twist tied shut packed with fresh chips right off the production line." -UtzSnacks

Product Review; "Some of the best USA Made Potato Chips in my opinion - Utz is well known and has been delivering quality snack foods since 1921. The ripple-cut makes for a stronger Chip - easier dipping or loading with toppings without it breaking. Greasy and salty (just Potatoes, Cottonseed Oil and Salt) but just the way chips should be for full flavor and crispiness - Utz is my go-to company, I'd never buy ruffles or lays or any other import knowing what a great time-honored company we have right here in Pennsylvania.



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