WormtownBreweryLLC Blizzard Of 78 English Style Brown Ale With Coffee Beans 6% ABV (Multiple Sizes)

"The storm by which all storms are measured. Our winter offering pays tribute to those who were there and those who have endured hearing about it over and over again. We created a classic English-style Brown Ale with fresh roasted coffee beans added from Acoustic Java to give Blizzard of ’78 a rich, smooth character that will make you enjoy hearing more stories of walking through 27 inches of snow, uphill, blah, blah, blah. 6.0% ABV. Winter Seasonal: Available November through January." -WormtownBrewery

Official Website; https://wormtownbrewery.com/portfolio-item/blizzard-of-78/?age-verified=b6373e9256

Product Review; "You can really taste the Coffee Beans in this dark Brown Ale Beer - you might not think the flavors would go together well but it's surprisingly rich, nutty and savory-sweet brew I actually can't get enough of. It's unfortunate Blizzard Of 78 is a seasonal brew - but perhaps it makes it a little more special around that time of the year." -MadeInUSAReview

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