WSI ProWikMax Performance Cold Climate Leggings (Long Underwear)

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

"Be Your Best! WSI provides you with soft, comfortable, dry-fit, American-made clothing that increases athletic performance and allows you to be your best - both on and off the field. Product Features; Compression support and enhanced performance. Designed for outdoor activities in 30 to 80 degree temps Great for on and off the field. Fabric Features; ProWikMax®: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex. 4-way stretch compression for maximum comfort and performance. WikMax® material removes moisture from skin. Antimicrobial technology inhibit bacterial growth and cut down odor. ProWikMax® has a brushed lining for soft hand and added warmth. Made in Minnesota USA"


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Product Review; "In the nothern areas of the United States winters can be pretty brutal, I try to be prepared for those below freezing and windy days with multiple layers of insulation. The base layer should be a pair of long johns or thermal leggings like these from WSI. The difference they make is considerable, paired with a set of cotton socks you will feel so warm and cozy, they're great for just lounging around the house too (if indoor heating is a premium like it is for me). Stretchy yet tough, breathable and wicking yet very insulating - ProWikMax leggings are not cheap persay, but on a shivering winter morning they're worth every penny."




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