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AllAmericanClothing AKWA Long Sleeve Pique Cotton Polo (Multiple Sizes)

"6.5oz, 100% Prewashed Cotton Pique. Prewashed fabric performs better than preshrunk fabric. Pique means weave in French, it provides better breathability. Neutral buttons. Great weight and construction." -AllAmericanClothing

Product Review; "A really nice dress shirt for work / business events - compliments a suit or blazer. A bit of stretch, but still durable fabric is still holding up perfectly after dozens of washes. The color is quite a deep black, make sure to use color protecting laundry detergent to maintain the saturation. Provides a good amount of warmth - more like a sweater than just a thin shirt. I really like this AKWA top, look out for more reviews of their products in the future." -MadeInUSAReview


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