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AMDMedicomInc SafeMask Master Series Procedure Earloop Face Masks (Multiple Colors)

" For more than 15 years, Medicom SafeMask brand has been made in Augusta, Georgia at our state-of-the-art facilities.  Our expert design and manufacturing team are committed to producing masks that meet the very highest quality standards.

For Health Care professionals who seek great protection but want to look and feel great, Medicom SafeMask Master Series masks are the ultimate in facial protection. Designed with vibrant colors and a inner layer with Simply Soft Technology™ will provide customized protection and luxurious comfort." -Medicom

Product Review; "I usually take public transportation to work - and be it the train, taxi or bus, I have to be in close quarters with sometimes sick people. I can't afford to miss days of work due to a common cold so I protect myself and others with these Medicom Safemasks. A small metal band ensures a tight seal around your face and the %100 cotton is quite soft and comfortable! If you work around biohazards, construction particulates or just want to cover your cough in public, these are really high quality Medical Masks."



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