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ArmalyBrands Brillo Estracell No Scratch / Heavy Duty / Bathroom Scrub Sponges

"Your Deep-Reaching Scrub Sponge! This sponge is designed to clean delicate surfaces all over your home with its patented wedge shape. It’s also made with unique fibers that rinse 10x faster than other sponges and dry faster, too. We’ve made a different sponge for each of your surfaces, so you can clean up without spreading bacteria around. This, plus the fact that bacteria won’t grow on our Estracell sponges, makes them more sanitary.* That’s why Brillo is one of the most trusted names in household cleaning. The Brillo Estracell Sponge rinses 99.9% clean, dries quickly, and is MORE SANITARY—it won’t support bacteria growth… naturally!* Works on delicate surfaces and reaches deeper into hard-to-reach areas with a Wedge Edge® design. Recyclable and Made in USA." -Brillo

Official Website (ArmalyBrands);

Product Review; "I swear by these sponges - they last longer than other sponges of similar cost, really have the scrubbing power to easily remove grease or grime, and Estracell technology kill bacteria and is more sanitary. I always stock up whenever they're on sale - Brillo is one of America's best known Sponges, now with new technology!" -MadeInUSAReview


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