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BettyDain %100 Cotton Stretch Jersey Universal Pillowcase (Multiple Colors)

"Cover your favorite pillow with this incredibly soft, jersey knit cotton pillowcase for a peaceful, comfortable rest. Betty Dain's pillow covers are specifically designed to be compatible with the standard and king sized pillows. Rest easy knowing our comfortable pillow cases are 100% made in the USA. Treat yourself, you deserve it!" -BettyDain

Official Website;

Product Review; "So comfortable! Each pillowcase only costs about $10 and will stretch to fit virtually any (standard) pillow (no body pillows), the value and versatility is amazing with this product. I recommend grabbing a set for yourself and one for a friend! Many imported pillowcases use unhealthy chemicals or cheap materials in manufacturing, this %100 cotton is strong, soft and even has a zipper with a folding fabric protector. Spectacular quality with extremely competitive pricing - Sweet dreams!" -MadeInUSAReview


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