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BillsKhakis M2-12 Wale Corduroy Charcoal Heather Pants (Multiple Colors)

"Seasonal fall pants that pair well with both pumpkin spice and harvest brew. Comfortable, refined and casual. This durable yet soft corduroy pant is the perfect fall pant, with just a little stretch. Cotton/Nylon blend with a little stretch. Cozy, yet refined, they go anywhere. Classic fit, Plain Front. Machine washable. Cut and sewn in the USA" -BillsKhakis

Product Review; "I definetly can't always afford brand-new Bills Khakis clothing (I usually find pieces used or marked down NWT on EBay) - But a few times a year they have clearance sales and this time they were doing 60% off then another 60% off on top of that - a deal hard to resist. So I grabbed a new pair of hemmed Wale Corduroy in black. I love the durability of jeans - but they dont look professional enough, so these are somewhere in the middle - a strong, rip resistant (and slightly stretchy) fabric but still incredibly smooth and clean looking. If you're a fan of Corduroy you've got to give a pair or these a wear." -MadeInUSAReview


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