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CandleCharisma French Vanilla Scented Tea Light Candles (30count)

"Heavenly vanilla fragrance. Includes 30 Scented Vanilla Tealight Candles. Creates a calm and relaxing and Vanilla Craving atmosphere with its soft scent. Perfect for spa, aromatherapy and yoga. Get in the mood with these romantic vanilla cake scented tea candles. Start your day or night by lighting these ivory colored scented tea light candles to make you in a great and uplifted mood! Set the mood with a beautiful glow. These off-white highly scented candles will add decor and are useful in many ways, you can use them in bathrooms, bedroom, and kitchen. Burn Time; Up to 4.5 hours. These tea cup candles will fit into any standard size tealight holder. Candles are Lead Free. Made In USA." -CandleCharisma

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Product Review; "Nice to get something even as small as a Tea Candle made in the USA - and if you buy and bulk, they end up being comprable cost to the exported Candles. The French Vanilla Scent is nice and fragrant throughout the burn, not too overwhelming but definetly noticable. Really takes a dinner, party or self care bath night to the next relaxation level."



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