Carson 10.5" x 8" The Lords Prayer Aluminum Wall Cross

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

"Statesmetal wall crosses are proudly hand cast in Freeport, PA. It is comprised of non-toxic, sand cast high-quality aluminum alloy. The cross is tarnish and rust resistant and includes a triangle hanger in the back. Height: 8' Width: 10.5' Depth: .75'." -Carson

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Product Review; "Carson Home Accents is a manufacturer of homegoods and decorations, but they unfortunately maily sell wholesale to distributors. The Amazon link I have posted is a beautiful Aluminum Wall Decoration - cast in Pennsylvania - I happened to stumble across it while browsing the internet for some things to make a room a little more cozy. The Lords Prayer is inscribed around the Cross, it is an empowering and humbling Prayer every time I read it - Sometimes it reminds me I have the strength to make it through another trying day."




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