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ClearlySuperiorTech Laser Trackball USB Mouse With Blue LEDs

"Product Features: Backlit Blue Ball, Laser Tracking, Rugged Construction using High Impact ABS, Stainless Steel Ball Suspension, Adjustable Resolution, Ambidextrous, Made in the U.S.A."


Product Review; "One of the only options for USA Made USB Computer Mice - There's not a USB Optical Mouse made here (as far as I'm aware). But thankfully ClearlySuperiorTech as stuck around and is supplying some really premium models for those who can take the few minutes it takes to get used to using a trackball. It's great for accurate productivity, I use it successfully for gaming (even first person shooters) and it can go where optical mice can't, needing no stable platform for operation. I use the version with an LED ball, but many models exist, as well as foot pedal accessories. I highly recommend it." -MadeInUSAReview


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