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DeanCompanyOfNorthCarolina CoastalCarolinaCuttingBoards Wooden Cutting Boards (Multiple Varieties)

"Our 1" thick boards are perfect for the kitchen. Whether chopping, cutting, slicing or dicing, these cutting boards are the way to go!    All Boards are individually manufactured. We use various blends of woods that make each and every one different. You will not be disappointed!" -CCCBoards

Product Review; "Having a clean cutting surface (that wont scar or leave marks) is a really useful if you do some home cooking, and if you use raw meats like chicken it's especially important to keep any contaminated surfaces isolated. Coastal Carolina makes beautiful hardwood Boards in standard rectangle and special shapes. You won't be disappointing with the handmade quality of this kitchenware - and makes a great housewarming gift!"



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