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Dodco Gold / Silver Colored Aluminum Non-Slip Clear Vinyl Wrapped Clothes Hanger

"Made In USA (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) - This is not some cheaply made chinese product like many other aluminum hangers. Heavy Duty 1/4" thick aluminum diameter x 17" wide. Don't buy thin aluminum that will bend over time. Specialty Non-Slip Vinyl Coating- Keep your garments from slipping. Sturdy - Nearly indestructible with Dodco's specialty aluminum. Strong - Dodco's hangers will be able to hold the heaviest of garments." -Dodco

Product Review; "The premium of premium Clothes Hangers - Thick virtually unbreakable (from normal use) Aluminum, wrapped in a durable Clear Vinyl that provides a soft, non-slip surface for your garments. A small "Dodco Inc. Milwaukee Wis." is stamped in the middle reinforcement clamp, and the coloring is bold and classy - in gold or silver. This will really add a level of professionality and aesthetics to your wardrobe that'll last indefinetly." -MadeInUSAReview


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