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FujifilmHoldingsAmericaCo 7x50 Government Issue Binoculars with Strap

"FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation is the regional headquarters for the Americas. It is comprised of 21 affiliate companies across North and Latin America. The company manufactures, markets and provides service for a broad spectrum of industries including photographic, medical imaging and informatics, pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine, and biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing. Industrial segments include data storage, electronic materials, chemicals, industrial testing products, and graphic arts products and services." -Fujifilm

More USA Made Binoculars Info (BinocularSumo);

Product Review; "After looking for some time for a 'cheap' pair of US made binoculars, I simply settled and came to the realization, things like high quality binoculars are more and more difficult to find made in America, especially if you're on a tight budget. These will run between 200-350$ depending where you find them, but the quality is literally military-preferred, with great magnification, crisp, easy to focus viewfinder, and durable thick rubber grips. While not lightweight per-say, easy to throw in a bag for any kind of bird watching, stargazing, or other surveillance fun ! "


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